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AIA RIBA Keynote Lecture

Fiona Mckay

On November 1 st the annual Keynote Lecture was given by New York-based Thomas Phifer, FAIA. The lecture was co-hosted with the RIBA and was held at the RIBA’s headquarters in Portland Place, London. 

Thomas Phifer is known for his highly refined modernist designs and he is probably best known for several courthouses he has designed in the US including Salt Lake City and Long Island. His lecture however focused on 4 museum projects – the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Glenstone Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Using this combination of completed and in-progress projects Phifer explained his design philosophy which has a particular emphasis on light, volume, and form

AIA UK sponsor Schüco generously funded the evening. Please remember them for your next project. For more images of the evening, please visit our Facebook Page.

Lester Korzilius, FAIA RIBA

AIA UK - Notice of meeting to vote on proposed amendments to the UK Chapter ByLaws

Fiona Mckay

In 2015, AIA National initiated a programme to insure that component AIA Chapters complied with the Institute’s minimum core requirements in respect of “education, advocacy, governance and finances & general operations”.  The AIA UK Chapter passed AIA National’s inspection and received the highest accreditation. However, to maintain this status, we must insure that our governance procedures remain valid and up to date. Therefore, the Board of Directors has reviewed the current Bylaws and is proposing amendments to them. The proposed amendments to the Bylaws have been tracked onto the current Bylaws and can be reviewed HERE

Please direct any queries to Acceptance of the updated Bylaws will be subject to a vote of the membership at the next Annual General Meeting to be held on 18 Jan 2017. 

For ease of reference a SUMMARY of the changes is included below:



  • The eligibility, rights and privileges of Architects, Associates and International Associates have been revised to reflect changes in the Institute Bylaws (2.02, Annex A).
  • Associate)” by way of clarification (multiple locations).- The term “Associate” is now generally revised to “Associate (including International
  • 2.3), and the term “non-resident status” deleted as not required (2.04, 3.04)- The member terms “assigned”, “unassigned”, “allied”, “affiliated” have been clarified (2.0 to
  • with different rights and privileges to reflect current practice (2.4).- The term “Honorary Affiliates” has been deleted and replaced by “Honorary Membership”


  • The relationship with the International Region is now confirmed (4.1, Annex B, 6.341).


  • The category of “Board Correspondent” has been added to include unassigned, allied, affiliate and honorary members (or other Architect and Associates (including International Associates)) who can attend meetings but not vote (6.03, 6.37)
  • There is now no limit to the number of years an officer or director can serve (6.21).
  • director, or committee chair. (6.32, 6.342. 6.352)Board of Directors”. The Secretary is also now allowed to delegate some authority to another others to sign agreements, cheques, etc., with the agreement of “two thirds majority of the Board Director to sign contracts and agreements. The Treasurer is now allowed to authorise - To reflect current practice, the President is now allowed to delegate authority to another


  • The Chapter is now required to hold Annual, General and Special Meetings of all of its members, but not Regular (monthly) Meetings (5.0). Only the Annual Meeting is mandatory.
  • Issues discussed at a General or Special Meeting can be voted on by direct mail or email. (5.25)
  • Board Meetings are now to be held “at the discretion of the President, but generally during the first week of every month” (6.411).
  • In special circumstances (and reflecting practicality), Board decisions can now be made outside regular meetings or by written communication, but need to be formally concluded in an actual meeting (6.41).


  • In several instances the votes required to pass a motion have been altered:
  • Election to Honorary Membership now to require majority vote of the Board of Directors (2.41).
  • Change in Annual Dues now to require “not less than two thirds majority of the Board of Directors” rather than “all but one of its entire membership” (3.02).
  • Waiver of Annual Dues now to require “not less than two thirds majority of the Board of Directors” rather than “the total number of assigned members present at a meeting” (3.04).
  • An assessment of additional payments by Architect, Associate and International Associate members now to be levied only in “exceptional circumstances” at a “Special Meeting” of assigned members, but not on allied or affiliate members. (3.11).
  • A Special Meeting now to be called by a “two thirds majority of the Board of Directors” as well as by the President and by 10% of all members (5.02)
  • Removal of an officer or director now to require “two thirds majority” rather than a simple majority (6.24).
  • A quorum is now clarified as a majority of the Board of Directors eligible to vote. To transact business, a majority of the Board of Directors present is required (6.42)
  • Authorising expenditures in excess of the estimated income of the Chapter is now to require “a majority vote” at a “Special” Meeting”, instead of a two thirds majority at a regular meeting (7.022)

MISC REVISIONS TO REFLECT CURRENT PROCEDURES - Procedures have been updated to reflect current practice. For example:

  • Non-payment of dues is now sufficient notification of resignation from the Chapter (2.06),
  • Graduated fees for those admitted to membership after the start of the year have been updated (3.03),
  • Emeritus and Honorary members are no longer required to pay to receive Chapter mailings.
  • Notification of members in default of payments to this Chapter are now handled by AIA National (3.31)

MISC REVISIONS TO REFLECT CURRENT TERMS - The UK Chapter Bylaws were originally based on Model Bylaws supplied by AIA National. The “current usage” revisions have been made to reflect terminology as used by the UK Chapter. For example:

  • “Executive Committee” has been changed to “Board of Directors”. Note - the change to Board of Directors is the only change NOT full tracked in the attachment.
  • “Admission Fees” has been changed to “Annual Dues” (2.06).
  • “Executive Director” has been changed to “Chapter Executive” (8.0).

MISC MINOR CORRECTIONS, CLARIFICATIONS AND UPDATES - Note – all minor corrections, clarifications, etc., have been tracked, but may not be individually listed in this summary.

  • Several minor corrections have been made, including typos, internal inconsistencies, date corrections, re paragraphing, etc. we deleted.- In several instances ()s that were included in the Model Bylaws to indicate optional wording.
  • Other clauses were revised to make their meaning clearer – for example, the Domain of the Chapter was better defined (1.03)

AIA UK X Armstrong Pub Quiz

Fiona Mckay

For those in the know, there was only one place to spend the evening of the 15th of November: the Yorkshire Grey pub and the amazing Pub Quiz.

Emceed by Justin and Bea, question followed tricky question on architecture, films, space and that treacherous area known as ‘general knowledge’,  the contestants’ eyebrows were furrowed, pens were scratching paper and smoke was rising from exhausted brains that could only be counteracted by pints of ale and bitter. In the end the Quiz Maniacs won first prize, a bottle of champagne. Best of all, Armstrong raffled off two tickets to a football game – a great end to the evening


AIA UK Board 2017: Call for Nominations!

Fiona Mckay

If you are interested in getting involved with the AIA UK Chapter, please consider nominating yourself for a position on the 2017 board of directors. You are welcome to make nominations for the board of directors and the four officer positions. The officer positions are ideally held by a US licensed architects, but we will accept foreign licensed architects for nominations as well.

The only requirement for a board of director’s positions is enthusiasm and a willingness to help with events and other chapter activities throughout the year. If you would like to find out more about the positions, Please contact Michael Lischer, FAIA at We look forward to hearing from you!

Unmanned Aerial Devices - Drones

Fiona Mckay

By: Andrew Croft and Kathryn Willis, Beale & Company Solicitors

Unmanned Aerial Devices, such as drones, are increasingly being used in the construction industry, due to the relatively easy access to large sites, and tall or complex structures. In the UK there is a strict legal framework which applies to the use of drones which those in the construction industry may not be familiar with. 

Andrew Croft and Kathryn Willis summarise that framework and highlight the key risks to be aware of when using a drone for construction purposes.

Click here to read their article.

Dues Reduced for Associate Members

Fiona Mckay

The AIA UK board of directors unanimously agreed to reduce the Chapter's dues for Associate members by $5! This may not sound like much, but it more than offsets the increase in National dues for Associates. This is in recognition of the important role our emerging professionals play in the AIA UK! The board also, agreed to leave the dues for other categories of membership the same as they have been for several years.

AIA National's dues are linked to inflation and tend to increase every year.

National Dues Comparison:

Member Type               2016 Dues Rate    2017 Dues Rate*    % of Increase**    Dollar Increase

Architect                              $260                       $265                     1.9%                     $5.00
Associate                              $112                         $114                       1.8%                    $2.00
International Associate         $188                        $192                      2.1%                    $4.00

AIA UK Dues Comparison:

Member Type                     2016 Dues Rate           2017 Dues Rate    

Architect                                       $175                           $175
Associate                                       $85                            $80
International Associate*                $175                           $175
Emeritus                                         $0                              $0
Professional Affiliate                     £150                            £150
Student                                        £25                              £25

You should have received your 2017 invoices by now.  If you haven't contact Members Services at  Remember, your dues are due on the 31st of December!