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AIA International Region 2018-2019 - First Vice President

Fiona Mckay

On behalf of the American Institute of Architects' International Region Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce the results of our recent elections for the 2018-2019 positions of First Vice President and Treasurer.

Lester Korzilius, FAIA, RIBA

Director and co-owner of Ellis Williams Architects

Based in the UK, Lester has been elected as the AIA International Region 2018-2019 First Vice President.  A former AIA-UK President and Secretary to the International Region, Lester is setting out to:

  • Improve communication to all IR members

  • Strengthen ties and communication between the 6 existing IR chapters

  • Create programs and opportunities for Unassigned IR members, including local events, webinars and social media

  • Assist and nurture overseas areas wishing to become chapters

  • Assist in building positive brand awareness overseas of US architects and US architecture

  • Promote American values of design and project delivery internationally

  • Strengthen ties with overseas professional architectural organizations

  • Work with the College of Fellows to extend the influence of the AIA via mentorship, scholarships, and other similar programs

  • Strengthen awareness of international issues and concerns among US based members of the AIA and related organizations

  • Working with the International Practice Advisory Group, provide a resource of best practice for overseas projects

  • Leverage sponsorship opportunities of the IR to fund the above programs

Join us in congratulating Lester and welcoming him back to the International Region Board of Director.

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