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EU Referendum: A letter to our members

Fiona Mckay

Dear Members,

Following the news of the historic referendum, and forthcoming withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, we must remain patient and hopeful. Brexit will require time before we understand the full effect of the country's decision on our industry. My former boss in Chicago once told me that architects need to be eternal optimists otherwise we feel constant defeat. This may not feel a time for optimism, but at least we can hope.

Undoubtedly our membership is concerned about the impact of the UK's Referendum on EU membership to their practices and personal lives. Many of our members are expats living within the UK, with projects that have teams and supply chains spanning multiple borders. As we have witnessed with previous political changes, the uncertainty itself can cause both clients and practices to adjust their strategies. We must engage this change, and follow the developments as we begin to understand what it will mean for us. The AIA UK will do its best to keep you informed as we ourselves learn how it will unfold.

We look to the political engagement and advice currently offered by our friends at the RIBA. We will do our best to support the political discourse, and encourage you to voice your concerns and express your thoughts. If there is interest, we’ll be happy to host an evening of discussion specifically for this purpose. Brexit will certainly continue to be an important topic of discussion, as it is historic and will have a lasting impact on our future.

Kind Regards,

Frederick Grier, AIA UK President

On behalf of the AIA UK Board of Directors

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